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Small Company. Big Ambitions.

I’m bald. ¬†And chances are you’re bald too. Or you have hair and you’re interested in buying a Bald Tees t-shirt for someone who is bald. And if you’re not one of those first two options, well then we’re not really sure why you’re here…but welcome anyway!

Maybe you’re like me and you were one of the lucky ones that were anointed with male pattern baldness. Or perhaps you’re fighting a courageous battle against cancer and you’re bald because of that.

Regardless of your situation, let’s embrace our baldness and celebrate the gift of life together.

I’m happy to be bald, and over time I’ve learned to embrace it. You could even say I’m pretty proud and happy to be bald. So proud, that’s why I launched the Bald Tees brand. Whether you’re a man or woman, our goal is to celebrate our baldness together through witty t-shirts…all with a bald theme.

Because we know there are millions of you out there that have lost their hair due to radiation therapy and chemotherapy, we donate 10% of our proceeds to charities such as the American Cancer Society and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

(Bald Tees is a division of Lighten Up Gear.)

Erik Carlson, Founder of Bald Tees

Erik Carlson, Founder of Bald Tees

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