Bald and Free Day Poster

Blue Plate Restaurant Company celebrates Bald and Free Day by offering patrons free or discounted meals.

Did you know there’s a holiday called Be Bald and Be Free Day (AKA Bald and Free Day)? Me either.

Thomas Roy, an American film television and voice actor, and his wife Ruth have created 80 special holidays including Be Bald and Be Free Day which always falls on October 14. Be Bald and Be Free Day, which is listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events, is “for those who are bald and who either do wear or do not wear a wig or toupee, this is the day to go “shiny” and be proud.”

Little did I know that there was a day set aside to celebrate being bald, but there are apparently restaurants across the country that provide free or discounted meals to bald people on October 14.

If Be Bald and Be Free Day is a new holiday for you, make sure you pencil it in next October 14. And check out the paper (or the web) to see if there are any restaurants nearby offering bald folks like yourself a free meal. Kudos to the Blue Plate Restaurant Company out of St. Paul, Minnesota for offering free / discount meals to bald people. 🙂

And they said there’s no such thing as a free lunch…

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