Earlier this year, I got a little cocky. I tweeted out a message to Howie Mandel that I was about to launch my latest line of t-shirts, Bald Tees. Within 60 seconds, he tweeted me back. It made my day.

However, my pride and my schedule got the best of me and I didn’t launch Bald Tees until…well, tonight. It’s November 22, 2014, not July.

This ain’t my first rodeo as I had successfully launched Lighten Up Gear last year, but this site took me a bit longer than I had expected. Never the less, it’s launched and I’m excited to be blogging about being bald and selling bald t-shirts.

I hope you’ll appreciate my dry sense of humor that I’ve injected into my t-shirt designs. Take a look and let me know your thoughts…

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