I love being bald. And I love camping. But sometimes they don’t mix very well.

This weekend our family spent an awesome weekend at “Family Camp” with some of our church friends…and a whole bunch of other people we don’t know. Call us crazy, but we actually like tent camping. So we headed up north on Friday afternoon and had a great campsite set up before evening.  Well, maybe it was more like a compound with all of our camping gear, but it was glorious.

Camping Problem #1 for Bald People:  When it gets cold outside, your head gets cold.  Because I shave my head and keep it bald all the time, I wear a stocking cap for most of the winter. If you’ve ever shaved your head during an Iowa winter, you’ll understand. But because we’re in May, I forgot to pack a stocking cap. Thankfully my wife packed one so this camping trip I managed to avoid this downfall. Phew. Crisis averted.

Camping Problem #2 for Bald People:  Mosquitoes like your bald head as much as the rest of your body. I love being bald, love camping, but hate mosquitoes. Can I get an “Amen!”? This weekend the gnats were terrible…so bad that they were disguising their mosquito buddies. Unfortunately I came home with 4 mosquito bites on my head; three on the front and one on the back side of my head. Ugh.

So learn from me. Make sure you take a stocking cap and lots of bug repellent that’s safe to rub on your bald head.

I’m sure there are more issues with being bald and camping like the obvious…the sun. What issues have you come across while camping my fellow bald friends?

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