Dad's Bald Head by Paul Many

Dad’s Bald Head by Paul Many is available on for $4.87.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t an official book review. After all, I didn’t officially read the book. Yet.

My kids have a terrific sense of humor and often like to tease me. Mostly they crack jokes about me being bald.  Since I started losing my hair during college, their jokes pale in comparison to some of the jokes I heard in my fraternity so I have rather thick skin when it comes to being bald.

Honestly, I love being bald and I save a ton of money on hair cuts and hair product…so bring on the jokes, but please ask before rubbing my head for good luck.

The other day I stumbled across this children’s book entitled, “Dad’s Bald Head” by Paul Many.  I can’t say that I’ve read it since my kids are beyond children’s books and are reading some of the same books I read.

But nonetheless, I loved the description of this book. Take a look.

Pete’s dad has very little hair to comb. And what he does have looks a bit, shall we say, scraggly? Every day Pete tries to help him neaten it, but every day the hairs pop right back up. Well, this dad has had enough! One day while shaving, Dad just keeps . . . on . . . going. He shaves off every single one of those scrawny, scraggly hairs.

Pete isn’t sure what to think of his new, bald Dad. He looks like an egg, or a kickball. Not a Dad. As Pete’s parents help him to embrace this shiny, new, bald head, young readers will recognize the challenge of dealing with changes, big and small, in their own lives.

The synopsis of the story is too familiar to my life. I remember the repeated discussions I had with my wife about my desire to shave my head bald. “You’ll never be able to grow your hair out again,” she said. But I had already realized I was past that point.  So finally she obliged and we buzzed my head without any guard on the electric clippers.

What happened next was priceless.

Caleb, one of my twin sons who is honest and genuine, looked me straight in the eye and exclaimed, “You don’t look like my daddy anymore.”

But “Floppy” as I like to call him now, with his long golden locks of hair, has embraced his bald father and affectionately refers to me as “Baldo.”  Gotta love that kid.

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