Gillette caught my eye the other day with this television advertising spot. Maybe you’ve seen it? If not, check it out below.

As an advertiser and marketer myself, there were a couple of things I loved about this commercial.

First, I love that Robert was duped into shaving on film thinking he was part of some sort of focus group. The next thing you know, another actor jumps out from an adjoining door with a sigh that reads, “Save up to 50%”. It’s totally unexpected and totally startled me the first time I saw the spot.

Secondly, I think their claim pitting Gillette after “other shave clubs” is effective both visually as well as factually.¬†While Gillette doesn’t explicitly say you can save 50% compared to Dollar Shave Club per se, I assume as a consumer that’s exactly who they are targeting…customers of Dollar Shave Club.

I’m neither a member of the Gillette Shave Club nor the Dollar Shave Club, but I’ve certainly considered joining one of them. The jury is still out which is the best for me so stay tuned.

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