It’s finally warming up here in Iowa, which can only mean one thing: my kids want me to drag out and set-up the trampoline in our backyard.

After throwing on my coat, gloves and hat, I stepped into the garage to find my mangy tennis shoes. And that’s when it happened. I stood up and smacked the corner of my bald head into the cabinet above me, leaving a perfect gouge on my head. To make matters worse, it was suck a shock to the system I fell over backwards in the garage – dazed and confused.

For folks with hair, they can at least hide dents, scratches, bruises on their heads. For bald folks like me, it’s not so easy.

I stepped back into the house and right into the adjacent bathroom to find a trickle of blood running down my head. Not good.

I showed it to my wife. “Ouch!” she exclaimed. “Better get some ice for that.”

After about an hour of it bleeding, I finally gave up, grabbed a Band-Aid and called it a day.

I normally love being bald except for this situation for a couple of reasons:

  1. I was due for a shave so the next day I had to carefully shave around the wound on my head. This takes ninja-like skills and takes a bit longer to complete but thankfully I did a pretty good job.
  2. There’s no hiding a big gouge on your head.

So what did I do? I did what my 9 year-old son would have done. I proudly showed it to all of my co-workers the next day.

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