Look out Paul Many. There’s another author writing about bald dads. And if that didn’t make you tremble, this one’s available as a book on your iPad.

All teasing aside, I actually think “My Dad’s Bald Head” by Ofer Hod looks endearing and fun. I kind of wish this was available when my kids were younger because I think they’d get a kick out of this book and how it relates to me.  As a father of 3 boys, I can easily relate to this book and the relationship this father has with his son.

Here’s the synopsis of the book:

Celebrate dad’s bald head with this book.
No special effects or animation, just a sweet & funny children’s book.

Simple as that.

Ofer Hod, the author of “My Dad’s Bald Head” is an art director / animator from Israel. Not only is he a writer and animator of this interactive iPad book, but he’s produced some great animated videos on his YouTube channel too. Take a look for yourself!

And while we’re at it, enjoy a few screenshots of “My Dad’s Bald Head”!

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