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Bald Vacation Spots

I love to travel. Seriously. I really do. Next week we're headed to Minnesota to camp along the north shore of Lake Superior. While we've done the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend camping trips, we've never done anything as crazy as this. We're going to tent camp...

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Camping + Being Bald = It Has Its Problems

I love being bald. And I love camping. But sometimes they don't mix very well. This weekend our family spent an awesome weekend at "Family Camp" with some of our church friends...and a whole bunch of other people we don't know. Call us crazy, but we actually like tent...

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Book Review: My Dad’s Bald Head by Ofer Hod

Look out Paul Many. There's another author writing about bald dads. And if that didn't make you tremble, this one's available as a book on your iPad. All teasing aside, I actually think "My Dad's Bald Head" by Ofer Hod looks endearing and fun. I kind of wish this was...

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