What’s Rob Lowe’s deal with being bald? Is he insecure? Or is being bald something to make fun of now?

In Sony’s infamous movie, The Interview, which has stirred up a lot of international, political dissension with North Korea, Rob Lowe makes a cameo appearance while being interviewed by “Dave Skylark” (played by James Franco) on Skylark Tonight.

If you check out this NSFW (Not Safe For Work) trailer, Rob Lowe confesses to living a lie, while pointing to his hair. While Aaron Rapoport, played by Seth Rogan, produces the show, Lowe comes out of the hairpiece closet and reveals an interesting sort of comb-over. Check it out for yourself.

But this isn’t the only bald appearance by Lowe. In DirectTV’s latest advertising campaign, the “far less attractive Rob Lowe” sports another comb-over and a sweet pair of cut-off jeans. The big call-to-action is to not be like the “far less attractive Rob Lowe” and to upgrade to DirectTV.

Can I take a joke? Absolutely. I just found it ironic that twice in a year, Lowe is playing a bald character. C’mon Rob, do you have something you need to confess? Do you need a Bald Tee t-shirt? Show your love to the bald community that supports you!

Bald people have feelings too t-shirt

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